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Q: What are your Premium Candles made from?

A: Our candles are made from the highest quality soy wax blended with natural oil fragrances. Each fragrance is a Fury Bros original creation.

Q: What is the best way to care for my Premium Candle?

A: It’s best to keep your wick trimmed to 1/4 inch. This will promote a long lasting, nicely burning candle with low smoke. Once the candle is lit, it is best to allow the wax to melt completely across the surface of the candle before extinguishing it. This will keep the candle from burning straight through the center and it will extend its life. Recommended burn time is between one and four hours.

Q: Wow! I love the packaging! What can I do with the can after the wax is all melted away?

A: Thanks! You can do anything you’d like. Use it to hold pens, paintbrushes, or silverware, save loose change in them like a piggy bank, or plant herbs in them for an artistic indoor herb garden.

Q: I heard some exfoliating liquid soaps use plastic beads in them that are bad for the environment. Is that what is used in the Power Wash?

A: No way! We use natural pumice in our Power Wash liquid soaps. It’s actually volcanic ash, which is formed from lava that is permeated with gas bubbles while it solidifies.

Q: What is the best way to care for my Body Bar soap?

A: Keep your Body Bar in a soap dish with raised grooves or ridges to keep it from sitting in a puddle of water. This will keep the bar firm and it will last longer for your personal enjoyment.

Q: Where are your products made?

A: Originally, we manufactured all of our products out of our apartment in Hell’s Kitchen. All of our product creation and testing is still done in NYC. Our candles are handmade. Everything is made in the USA.

Q: Are your products made from or tested on animals?

A: No. The wax in our candles is 100% plant based, our Power Wash is animal product free, and our Body Bars are glycerin based. None of our products are tested on animals. All of our products are vegan friendly!

Q: Are your products recyclable?

A: Yes! All of our products are recyclable, but better yet… Look at the answer for question #3.

Q: Fury Bros.? Are you really brothers, or is it more like “bros” in the frat guy term?

A: We are really brothers, born to the same parents on Kepler 452b, just a few years apart.

Q: You guys are musicians too? Where can I hear the music?

A: That’s correct. The band is called Jeremy and The Harlequins. Go to Jeremyandtheharlequins.com for more info, and music can be found on iTunes, Spotify, etc…

Q: I have some Roquefort in the fridge, what should I pair it with?

A: Dessert wines. Sauternes, Coteaux du Layon, Montbaillac, or Pecherenc du Vic-Bihl Moelleux would all be nice choices.