Fury Bros. Black and White

Between Detroit Rock City and where Cleveland Rocks
Our story begins.

The tale of Jeremy and Stevie Fury starts in Toledo, Ohio. The two brothers were making music previously in the rock band, We Are The Fury. Currently, Jeremy fronts NYC’s, Jeremy & The Harlequins, while Stevie keeps the beat.

But let’s back up a bit…

In 2008, after years of recording and touring with We Are The Fury, Stevie Fury embarked on what became a five year adventure in Paris, France, studying cuisine and wine at the acclaimed Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute of Paris.   Two months after Stevie flew to France, Jeremy hopped in a van and headed westward to begin working on new music.  Stevie cooked for diplomats and attaches at the US Embassy in France.  Jeremy wrote and recorded rock ‘n roll in East LA.

Much of the middle is a blur, but somehow the two brothers reconvened and found themselves living together again in a tenement apartment in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen.  While in New York, the two brothers connected with a few other equally passionate musicians and started Jeremy & The Harlequins.     While evident in their retro inspired music, their love of nostalgia didn’t end at the microphone or the drum kit. Jeremy, who had also worked in concert promotions for sometime as a graphic designer, became struck with the simplicity and style of vintage design. And, Stevie developed a taste for the recipes and crafts of yesteryear.

On a warm Summer’s evening in June 2015, the brothers decided to embark on their next journey, Fury Bros.

Vintage inspired.

Classically cool.

Fury Bros.

Bringing the man out of the cave.